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Spay questions

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Well Bailey had a spay appt tomorrow but I chickened out and cancelled it. I still plan to do it but need more time to feel comfortable. What age did you get your Chi done? What did they weigh? I hate to think of her sitting in a cage up to a couple hours waiting and being scared and cold. Am I normal for worrying so much? I've always had my dogs spayed and neutered, but I've never had a Chi. :(
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Eden gets spayed on Friday. She will be 9 months old on Saturday. She weighed 2 lbs. 15 oz. at last weigh in. I hope in the 2 weeks or so since then that I have fattened her up a bit.
Hope was 7 months and Ruby 6.5 months when they were spayed on the same day. They were 3.4 lbs. and 3.2 lbs.
We took blankets and they called right away to say that they were done and all went well. They also told me when I could return for them that day. They rested while there. They normally do not put them in a kennel together but they did since they said they wanted to be with each other.
Roxy was about 6 months and probably around 4 pounds. I was super nervous and uncomfortable. I even cried in the car after i left her. :( So .. I think it's totally normal for you to feel the way you do! But, everything will be okay. It definitely is different having a chi, as Roxy is my first one as well. They're just so small, and little, and you don't want them to miss you and be scared! She didn't need to stay overnight or anything. I dropped her off at 8:00am and picked her back up by 3:00pm. So, that's not too bad! You're going to do it at some point, so you might as well do it sooner than later to get it over with! :)
She's 7 months old and 5 pounds, I think I'll make the appt when she's about 9 months. So just 2 more months. I lost a dog right before I got her and I really get scared with stuff now. Thanks for the comments, I hope to feel a bit better about it.
Has she had her first heat yet? If you wait too long she could go into heat and then you'd have to put it off longer but I know how you feel I've been putting it off forever baby will be 6 years old in January she's about 6 lbs right now on the chunky side I'm waiting a little longer as she just finished her heat cycle 2 weeks ago ish
Odie was just spayed and had an umbilical hernia fixed in September, at about 8 months and 4 pounds. She was supposed to have it done at 6 months, but because of a serious of unfortunate events, it had to be postponed until she could be deemed safe to spay. I really wish she could have had it done at 6 months! I spent the whole time worrying that she was going to go into heat. The few weeks before her spay, we were on vacation on a boat so I had to buy doggie diapers in preparation. Turns out that we never needed them, but even when I took her in to be spayed I was still paranoid that she had come into heat and I didn't read the signs or something and she would be at serious risk during the spay.

I can totally see where you're coming from with being scared for her! I just kept reminding myself how must I trusted our vet and that I was doing the right thing for her health. Things do sometimes go wrong during a spay but it's not often! They kept her warm and comfortable after the spay and I picked her up the second she was ready to go. She was still pretty woozy when we got her, and all the vet techs were giving her tons of attention. I say do it when you're comfortable, but if you do wait too long you risk her going into heat and having to wait even longer.
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