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spaying - what happens to baby?

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Hey i was just wondering what happens to your chi after they get spayed does their personality change? I can imagine they'd be very sore and need a lot of nursing for a few days? plz tell me anything you know so if i decide to get coco spayed i will know what to expect...
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I can honestly say Angel's personality didn't change much at all. She has settled down a little bit but not by much. She is still the same silly, vibrant, happy girl she always has been.

As for discomfort... I was told to keep her as calm as possible for about 10 days. But after the first couple of days, she was ready to run marathons. The day she came home and the day after, she was rather sore and the stitches pulled a bit but it wasn't a big deal and she was perfectly fine... just had trouble getting up and down from naps.

We had the kind of stitches that dissolved so we didn't have to go back for them to be removed. She did very well with it all. Didn't mess with the stitches at all.

I was worried sick about how the surgery would affect her. Was not sure I could handle her being in any pain at all but it was really a breeze. The worst of it was her being really ticked off at me for leaving her at the vet. LOL
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paris hasn't changed at all ....she blossomed further into this really funny girl !!! even the day after the operation she was back to her old self :D
cosmo was a baby about it ....acting like something really horrible has happened to him ....and crying for days after i picked him up :roll: men !

kisses nat
Lola didn't change at all. She was and still is extremely mellow.
Sully was very quiet and sore after having 2 ops for her prolapsed vagina and emergency spay all in 2 days.She was very twitchy and jumpy with the stitches and the tube in her privates but after they removed the stitches and tube she is back to normal, tomorrow the lampshade collar can come off.
my 2 girls both got spayed the same day....they came home very "out of it" from the anesthesia. They next they they were about 90% back to normal, and 2 days later 100% normal. I was more worried about them trying to run around wild with their stitches in. Now it has been about a month and i think they may be even more wild then before the surgury...they havent changed one bit.
I hope it doesn't change my coco is i get her spayed.

How much money does it cost and do they keep them in over night? I dont like the idea of my coco stuck in a cage/crate over night with loads of wyning animals :cry:
i could take paris with me .......i brought her in at 9 am and took her home at 6 pm after my work .
it costed me around 165 pounds :D

kisses nat
Sully had to be there by 8-30 and i could pick her up at 4.
So you get them the same day - thank goodness i'd never like to keep her stuck in a vets over night - only if worst comes to the worst would i let that happen! And well touch wood that doesn't happen!
Some vets like to keep them overnite, but I think most now are letting you take them home unless there is a problem. Reba had to spend the nite before there because I get up at 5:30 to go to work. We picked her up about 3 pm and she hardly missed a beat. A little quieter that afternoon, but by the next day, could hardly keep her from jumping off the furniture, etc. She has not changed at all- just maturing more with her age. Basically the same excitable little girl!
When should i get her done then - is it better to get done when their young - she's 9 months so not too young?
no age is around six months ...before her first heat-cycle :wave:

kisses nat
One sad thing that has happened since shes had the 2 ops is that Sully cries in her sleep, she never did that before, its very upsetting and hard to wake her up in the night as shes sleeping deep.
oh goodness doggie nightmares - poor sully - it's a diffficult decision this is - coco has already had one heat cycle and has came out it last wk - does that mean she's at risk or something because i left it too late - she's 9 months just now. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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