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Split nail

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My chi has a nail on one of his front "thumb" nails that is split all the way to the skin. It isn't bleeding or anything. Should I bring him to the vet, or just cut it and let it grow back (and hopefully grow in one piece)
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I think you mean his dew ( or however you spell it)! claw , Tyson still has his too , but we had to have our mini schnauzers taken off cos he kept cathing them and making them really sore and bleed but my mum said its not nice for them to have them off as its like us losing a thumb.. ouch

I guess if it is not bothering your chi and not sore looking it may be ok but i would prob get it checked out anyway better to be safe then sorry!!

I'd call your vet and ask. If it's split, he runs the risk of getting it caught in the carpet and possibly injuring himself or injuring the nail itself worse.

Unless you'd feel comfortable filing it where it won't cause trouble or cutting it. Usually, vets charge around $5-15 for nail trimming so I can't see a really high charge for taking care of a hangnail.
No pain. My wife just noticed it because that nail was getting real long (she forgot to cut that one). I figure if we now just cut it, as the new nail grows in, it should seal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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