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Stairs and Ramps

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I've seen some people that have little staircases and ramps for their pets to get up and down from beds and other high furniture pieces. I'd like to get something like that for Josie, but not sure where to get them. Just wondering if anyone knew where they could be found or about how much they are.
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I made mine out of a stool, cut the legs down and put some leopard print on the top.
sullysmum said:
I made mine out of a stool, cut the legs down and put some leopard print on the top.
Could you post a pic of it?
Sorry I havent got a picture of it or the means to do one, if i took a picture now, you would have to wait til i finish a film of 36 pictures and then get it developed then posted it to a friend who would then put them on attachments for me, like the ones today of my girls,you might get it by xmas :D
Here's a link to one

There kind of expensive.
If you know someone that's handy with tools you could probably make some a lot cheaper.
Thanks for that link. I'll probably see if I can enlist my family to help make one. My dad's a pretty handy carpenter when he wants to be. :)

I've been thinking about getting this for Cooper and getting a cheap rug or some carpet remnants for the steps.
The only thing teddy's allowed on is my bed. What I did until I got steps is I took a real firm pillow and set it up as a ramp! :0) It worked until I got steps! And he thought it was great!

But here are some sites I found:

Those are all prety expensive. Another suggestion they sell unpainted 2 and 3 stair steps at hobby lobby and michaels, or probally any craft store, you can always paint them or cover them in fabric.

Just some ideas! Good Luck!
Just drop in and say hi to all. :wave:
Here is the steps that I made for Yoyo.
I used industrial foam boards and glued them together. Then covered with indoor and outdoor carpet material. Sounds easy but took me 2 full days to see the finished product. :roll: Not perfect but decent enough for his size to go up and down "our bed"...yup he does has a share too!
Could you see him up on the far left side of the bed? Napping! :wink:
My bed itself isn't up so high, but I have these really thick pillow-top mattresses that puts it up pretty high. I really like that two-step set that Cooper's mom posted, but I don't think it would work. I may try to make my own out of the foam board like someone else mentioned (sorry, forgot your name!). Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!
I love my ramp from Dr smith and Fosters.............well worth the money!
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