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Star isnt amused:rolleyes: I'm hoping that she will get used to the new pup.

I have been looking at gsds for a while for my hubby because he really want one but now he didnt mind a mix. The spca named her Amelia but we are more likely to rename her cuz the kids and I cannot pronounce it too well.

She's only 2 months and 11 days old today. She's a shephard mix, not sure what's the other half? She has rottie or doberman coloring. She's a cutie and we love her. She howls in the van on the ride home!

I know she's just a puppy. But does spaying make her pee very very often? She peed 3 times in 15 min, the first hour we bought her home, but she's doing better the last hour.

Bought a bully stick and got some Fromm samples on the way home for her:

The pup already needs a new bed, she's sleeping in Star's bed that she never uses now.

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