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Stef - SC boy

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There is a pure white SC boy I have asked the lady for pics and he is still available will post them for you when I get them he is £850 and she sounds like a good breeder :

One pure white smoothcoat chihuahua male puppy for sale. Only 2 and a half weeks old at the moment. Both mum, dad and aunt can be seen. He will be ready to go at 8 weeks and will come with puppy pack and pedigree papers. Not KC reg. Raised in our home as part of the family, so used to children of all ages and other dogs. Pictures available on request of pup, mum and dad and of pups from mum's sister's litter (same father).

Im sure she would keep him longer till maybe 10 if you asked :wave:
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Oooooooooo! Hope stef sees it before he is gone!
here he is with mom:

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Wow he is beautiful! I almost missed him on the first pic!!
lol he is beautiful I love oure white chis too and he seems like hes going to be a little apple head which i now she wants :p
Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! U still keeping an eye out for ur smoothcoat?
thanks alot for thinking of me... I had been intouch with woodhill chihuahuas before they advertised that... I like him alot, she sent pics of parents to me aswell... but I was offered another pure white at the same time cheaper
Heres the other pure white Ive enquired about... what do ya think?
(ah anyone know how to resize?)
I have also been intouch with a lady who has a 2lb black and tan stud which she has bred with her fawn girl (both smooth) and the pups are due in sept but wont be ready tilll december.. i was hoping to get a pup before the summer ends (as then id have enough time for him to settle) I really like her stud... hes perfect.. but i dont know if i should wait for the litter... as no boys could be born ect... and then ill be a square 1 again? What do you think (keep in mnd he is my perfect chihuahua) :wink:
Anyone know how to resize so I can show Clare the other white pup I was offered?
emai;l it me stef and I will do it for you

heres a pic of woodhills other litter previously from her black and white bitch and the dad of this white boy - she is doing this breed again when the black and white bitch comes into season and they are lovely I have told her I will have a girl from this breed if she has any

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ow my goddddd im loving the white with black mask! :wink:
Wow, that male looks perfect Stef, I don't know what to you say you could wait and then no males are born...tricky situation! :?

Those puppies look adoreable!
Clare, would you mind sending me their contact info by PM?
I'd like a cream/white around this time next year and I'd love to contact them and see about going on a waiting list.

Could you send me the info aswell please? :D :wave:
Just been looking at the pic more, the white with black mask is lovely isn't he! Such a lovely little face.
I love their lines and their head shape, really snuggly looking pups!

Lexi's pining for a sister I think :wink:
I'll try!
Do you want to come on msn and i'll give you an addy to send the pic to?
This was a chi my mum went to view in London while i was in birmingham... his dad is a minor 1lb!!! :shock: My mum didnt want to buy him until I viewed him as she wasnt sure.. but when I got back he was sold! So cute though!
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