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Stinky and Smelly

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:D The boys are ready for the summer. Yesterday they got all their shots..well, they only needed the rabies one. I also found out that I have a pretty inacurate scale.. :D I might be lighter than I thought...Stinky is 5lbs and Smelly 6 lbs. They are healthy and on great weight thingy...Smelly is all muscle and Stinky is just skinny. They are the perfect odd couple. :D
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Isn't it nice when you find out your scale is wrong? :lol:
I'm glad to hear they are both doing so well :wave:
Glad they had a good vet trip :lol: I wish my scales were 10 lbs light :roll:
I'm happy to hear that the boys are doing well... That is great they only had to have their rabie shots....
luvmypuppet said:
i wish my scale was wrong..... :roll:
Ha, me too!! :lol:
That's good to hear, Vala! We'll be expecting lots of cute summer pics of those two!!
luvmypuppet said:
i wish my scale was wrong..... :roll:
heheh you and me both sista :lol:
Me too!! Glad to hear that Stinky and Smelly are healthy!
haha, ours is wrong too I think, but when going to the doctor keeps me honest =)

If you guys are looking for accurate scales for your pups, at the hospital we use human baby scales for smaller dogs that work very well. Human home scales normally require a minimum weight or pressure in correct areas to meausre correctly, so unless you are doing the (weight of you+chihuahua)-(weight of you)=weight of chihuahua, it may not be accurate at all.
Glad they both have a clean bill :lol:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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