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Stinky breath

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I've noticed in the last few days my pup's breath is really bad. Normally you can't smell it at all. I do brush his teeth, but not on a really regular basis. He loves chewing hard dental bones, etc and he eats dry food so I'm assuming his teeth are healthy. I know he's this the cause? Or should I be worried it's something else? Thanks!
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stinky breath

Could it be something in his food? After Yoshi got over his puppy breath around 13 or 14 wks his breath started getting stinky and his Nutro Ultra has salmon in it and this was definately part of it but I have changed foods since and he still has stinky breath just not fishy breath :lol:
Hmmm...good thought, thanks, but I don't think it's his food. I haven't changed it for at least a couple months, and he's now 6 months old. And for treats, he just gets blueberries and carrots. Gosh, I hope it doesn't's really stinky!!
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