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Stinky doesn't like his collar!

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Stinky doesn't like his collar.. :( What should I do? or Is it too early to put one on him (he's just 2mths) The collar is nylon, not itchy, and so far I don't see anything wrong with it but Stinky keeps scratchin' it out of his! :dontknow:
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zoey (she's 3 mos) does that too. she doesnt like to walk on her leash either. we usually dont make her wear her collar in the house. and we rarely have it on her (we're pad training her so she doesnt need to wear one) but when we do, she flips out--biting and scratching....

your pup probably just isnt used to it yet.... im sure he'll be ok with it. i'm not sure if he's too young or not, but i know other people on this board can answer that! :)
I put the collar on him everyday for a few minutes I'm hoping that would make it easier on him to get used to it..but i still wonder if he's too young for it... :?
I use a harness. Sandy has never really minded it. Plus she know's when I put it on her we are going out. She loves to go out.
Are you putting it on him just for looks or are you planning on using it for walking him?
Halters are recommended for chis because of their tiny delicate necks. Don't want to iritate that tracia.
Just for looks :D He's got a harness for walks. His tags are on the collar though and I want him to keep it when we go out :)
What I did was buy a soft collar at first and when he stopped fussing w/that he got the real mccoy!! LUPINE ...LOL
The soft collar does not feel so "stiff" and I made sure it was kinda loose but not too too loose....
If you put it on and LEAVE it on, in a matter of a few days, he will get used to it. And your puppy is NOT too young to wear a collar. There are some rescue groups that part of the adoption agreement is that the dog to be adopted will ALWAYS wear their collar with their ID tags on it, 24/7. The few days it takes to adjust, your puppy will scratch at the collar a lot, but eventually he will notice it less and less. Hang in there! :)
I agree, put it on and leave it on until they get used to it. Of course, they are going to scratch at it and try to get it off.
I have just put colors on my two puppies, so they are both getting used to funny to watch them run, try to scratch, sit and scratch at the color....
The leash is another thing. I have not trained my chis to the leash. We are mostly home and have a large yard to play in, so do not really need the leash. They have been on the leash, but the puppies still need to be trained to the leash. So funny to watch them play "dead fish" :lol: on the end of a lead...until they figure out just who is in control... :wink:
yes i agree, its all just a matter of stinky getting used to the collar, keeks was the same and i just put it on her for a little each day
I left his collar on all day today, he scratched, cried, and tried to bite :( but then he went to sleep for a while and now he only scratches hopefully he'll get used to it cause he doesn't sound very happy :( but is for his own good.. :D
Yes, just like a child who doesn't want to wear mittens, hat and coat in the snow, but we make them do it for their own good! Hang in there---you're making progress! :)
When Harley first got his collar in he kept rolling on the floor trying to get it off. When on the leash though, he never uses a collar because of how delicate he is, so I use a harness instead. He took to the harness better than the collar.
I keep a collar on for tags and use the harness vest for walking. I also keep a bell on the collar so I know where he is.
he was scratching alot at first but got over it. I say put it one and leave it on and soon he will forget about it.
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