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Stitch and family :) They're all just too cute

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Stitch (left) Isis (middle) and another boy (right) who currently doesnt have a home he's a blue long coat and about twice the size of Stitch who's 16oz, his bro is currently 23oz so big boy lol:( someone cancelled on him poor little guy anyone want him?

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awww what gorgous babies love the colours iv always wanted a blue so hard to get
They are from show stock the father is a good show dog but I dunno if that boy really has the face for it soo I'd say he's pet quality Stitch could be if his coat thickens up and the sister definately has the face for it. I just dont get how someone couldnt want him if I had another £800 I'd take him but I dont plus with another pup in Dec I really cant afford it lol but my sis is currently nagging my dad for the money for him lmao she wants to call him Chubba poor little guy he cant help being big boned. It is scary tho how much the girl looks like a little Nemo they have the same face just she has a darker mask :O But I'm happy to wait till Dec to get a pup related to him that looks alike :)
Aw, they are all SO cute! :D Also, even though his brother may be the "bigger" puppy, he might end up not being the biggest adult out of his littermates. I've heard of the smallest puppy ending up being the biggest and the biggest ending up being the smallest. It just goes to show puppies grow at different rates. :D
sarah , what wonderful photos :) stitch is one cute little man ( I love his brother & sister too )
All three are just as cute as they can be. Little long hairs look so different from the short hair when they're puppies... to me, they look like little teddy bears.
They are all adorable - Stich i the cutest and his sister is sooooooooooo tiny - I hope Chubba :wink: finds a good home :wave:
They are all so adorable! I want Isis!!! :D
awwww a buncha blues lol stitch is the main man!!!!! :D love em all though :wave:
I would love to have him and could even talk hubby into it but Bella :cry: wouldn't like it at all :cry: They're so adorable :)
lol stitch is 4 days younger than my baby isnt he! they were born the same week :D
OMG what a trio of fuzzy little babies!! They are all so hugable!! :D Stitch is going to be one gorgeous little boy!
Oh they're just too adorable and cute! :lol: I love seeing chi puppy pics! :p
awww I love my boy he's so gorgeous just 11 days and then he's all mine :) yay!!
nemochi said:
awww I love my boy he's so gorgeous just 11 days and then he's all mine :) yay!!
11 days will fly by Sarah, I get ma bambino on Tuesday!!! Im spreading the word! lol I had to wait an extra week but hes gonna be here lol!! Its flew by!!!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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