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Stitch is sick :( * Updated*

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I called my breeder today and he said Stitch is on antibiotics cos he's not weaning properly. I know the solid food might be disagreeing with him and he's on them to be safe but I cant help worrying I've already lost 3 puppies this year I cant lose him too. He's so tiny and I'm worried about him not eating properly, I was meant to pick him up in a week and I dunno if thats possible now. The breeder said it's up to me if I take him if he's ill next week as I can always give him a semi solid diet and use lactol for him. I'm just getting worried about his size and I know I'm probably worrying for nothing but I've already had a bad week and this too has really upset me.
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awww sweetie Im sorry hes not well but Im sure he will pull through - maybe because hes so small he just needs to stay with momma for another week or so - I will keep him in my thoughts
This is certainly bad news. So sorry he is sick, hopefully he'll pull through just fine though. We'll keep him in our prayers.

I would advise against bringing him home though until he is well.
Mainly because the added stress of a new enviroment might hinder his recovery or cause a set back. Even a healthy pup will suffer stress when he goes to his new home, and if he's in an already comprimised state it might be too much for him.
Once he's well you are going to have him for years and years. So why not wait an extra week or two? It's not that long by comparison.
I'm gonna bring my friend down to see him she's qualified in vet nursing and I want her to take a look at him for me, she said she's wean him if thats whats needed cos I dunno how much he's feeding from his mum still and as it's Zara's first litter she wasnt too tollerent of them. What it seems to be is solid food isnt agreeing with him. I guess the only thing I'm really worried about is the little guy could end up super tiny like Nemo was and I know I have experience of extra small chi's and I have some veterinary knowledge but I didnt set out to get another tiny one. At least I know from past mistakes what to do with Stitchy and he's my dog there's no way I'm not having him no matter how long I have to wait or if he needs extra care. The breeder said it was my choice if I wanted to take him still bearing in mind he'll be smaller than expected possibly and not 100%
So sorry! I'm wishing you and the pup much luck!
awww i hope stitch gets better soon and everything will be fine. :wave:
awww Sarah , i'm sure he just needs a little more time ... I know it's tough on you to wait , but i'm sure it'll be for the best , bless his little heart {{hugs}}
I hope his medicine has him fine in no time and everything works out as planned.
Im so sorry to hear that I am praying for stitch and you. How tiny is Stitch?
I would leave him with the breeder for a short while while he recovers too. Hope hes well soon.
If Stitch isn't well by next week, I too would leave him with Mom for another week or so. Better to be safe. Hope he's feeling better soon!
I so hope this is just a minor, temporary setback. I do think another week or two with his mommy might be just the thing. You don't want to stress his little body when he's already ailing. Keep us posted, sweetie. :wave:
Aw, poor lil guy. :( I'm sure that all he needs is a little more time with his mommy and he'll be OK. Much thoughts and prayers to you and your little one. :wave:
Poor wee Stitch, but I agree that he would be better off with his mother until he's better as a change of environment would be more unsettling if he's sick. Hope he gets better really quickly. :wave:
i am so sorry, but i think stitch will pull through, nemo is watching over stitch, and i don't think he will let anything bad happen to him. god bless.. and a million hugs,
how old is he now and what's his weight? i'd leave him at the breeders longer. i hope he gets better and can come home with you soon... poor lil guy.
I am keeping you and Stitch in my thoughts..I really hope he pulls through for you :) :wave:
this is scarry and sad.. I hope he pulls through

good luck and God bless Stitch
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