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STITCH!!! *too cute*

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stitchy woke up so I took some pictures and u get a cute warning
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Im glad you put a cute warning on as I nearly fainted he is so adorable - I am in love :lol:
bless his lil paws- looks liek hes settled already- hows he doin? :D
Stitch is adorable! Did you purchase form the same breeder Nemo was from? I am so happy to see you being owned by a Chi again! What a cutie!
Stich is a major cutie! :D Glad you finally have him home with you to enjoy.
he's from a different breeder but I do get a pup with nemo's bloodlines born in oct
omg........stitch is soooooooooooo handsome!
i can def see some features from nemo in stitch although they are not related .....they are both the cutest little fellas :D

kisses nat
Sarah ( sorry missed this post , been away ) so HAPPY you have your little guy , what a sweetheart he looks , and such a precious little angel :) :) i love him already :wink:

Sara :wave:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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