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stop growing when?

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Hi all,just a few questions:a around what age do chi stop growing,i mean when will you know its final size?If i take in a 7 month old chi ,is it to late to teach him all the right stuff or get rid of old behavier?Thanks :wave:
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I had Lily when she was 7 months and it was so much easier than a puppy as she was trained, she soon adapted to her new routiene, she was sad at first and cried and howled for 2 days but since then she has loved me so much and is so aiming to please constantly, she hasnt got any bigger really since I had her - chis gain most their adult size by 6 months :wave:
They slow down around 7months and are pretty much done by a year. As far as training you can always train a dog, but the younger the better. As puppies their attention span is very small, so training is done in short intervals. They say the magic number is 3....before the age of three its pretty easy to train/retrain a dog but after 3yrs it gets harder. Consistancy is the key!
I'd say their basic skeletal structure is finished growning between 6 and 7 months (height and length), than after that they mostly "fill out" to about a year old (weight).
I agree with Angel on the training.
Thats answered something else that i wanted to know! Regarding growth. :D :wink:
I agree. The dog won't apear any bigger to you probably by a year...but they seem to fill out...get more muscle etc. So the dog will weigh a little more.

That age is just older puppy really. I got my Amber at 1.5 years and she was NOT hourbroken or socialized or anything. But she was thrilled to have her own mommy to love her and wanted to please me so much. She learned very quickly.
I got my chi who died last year when she was 3 yrs old. She was a rescue. She was partially housebroken, but I had to work with her to complete the training process. I had no problems insofar as training, and she just seemed so grateful to have someone to love her and was so eager to please. Sometimes it takes a little extra work, but it is oh soooo worth it!
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