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Strange belly??

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Luxie has these strange dark markings on her belly... Her belly used to be pink and now there's dark marks. The photo doesn't translate the color well, it's not red at all but rather greyish like pigment. Is this normal?

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Hi, I'm a new chi owner. Adopted a 2 yr old a little over 3 months ago. Her belly was also pink when I got her and now the belly and chest are all turning a silvery-grayish color. From the previous comments, it seems this is a normal occurrence as they age, but it still makes me nervous. She acts fine..eating, playing, potty, and poops all normal. Guess I'm just looking for a little more reassurance. :)
@Jennmay - did the thyroid problem produce other symptoms or just the skin discoloration?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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