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Strange sleep happenings

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Im just wondering if anyone elses chih does any of the following;
1. Sleeps with eyes open
2. barks or runs in his sleep
3. wakes suddenly
Sun does this and its kinda freaky when hes in REM mode with his eyes open.I thought he was seizing the 1st time I saw it.The vet says he was not.
He also tends to do a very catlike stretching routine each time he wakes.
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Oh, yes, mine has done all these and all my other dogs too! :eek: They are like us, also seeing dreams, etc

Richie's mom
the only one my dogs do is the cat like stretch on waking :wave:
Stella dreams! The reason why I think she does is because sometimes she will make very strange noises while sleeping.
One night me and my husband were in bed when I suddenly woke up and asked my husband who was listening to some opera music.....well, it turned out that it was stella making all kind of noises. :lol:
Baby only barks in her sleep. that would be weird! :shock:
Auggie does the running in his sleep and the superstretching when he wakes up. Unless he does the open eye thing when I am sleeping I haven't noticed that :lol:
Well I was recently told by MY eye doctor that I sleep with MY eyes open!!! How freaky is that??? I have abrasions on my corneas because of it! But my doggie's don't do it. They sometimes bark and whine in their sleep, along with twitching. They both do the super kitty stretch when they first get up along with letting out a little squeak. :lol:
Since I know hes not having seizures its funny to watch him sleep. The trick is to not laugh out loud and wake him.
Yep, Poppy does all those things you described, its very funny to watch!
lol, must admit if i'd seen simba sleep running id freak.

But he does snore and squeak in his sleep and sometimes his eyes are half opened and it looks so scary lol.
Callie does all of those things too! :D My other 2 only do the stretching thing.

Oh but Callie doesn't sleep with her eyes open. That would be freaky! :shock:
All mine do all those things. Sometimes they even like try to bark it so cute! :wink:
Yes Tia sometimes has a shaky fit while shes dreaming and when she wakes up she never fails to have her cute little stretch lol.
Simba's always seems to sleep in these mad positions aswell, on his back with his legs in the air. I wish i had pics but they are all on my mobile phone am gonna have to start carrying my digital camera with everywhere i go lol,
some times i wake up with him on my head like a hat, He also likes to go in and go for a wee snooze in the washing when it is just out of the tumble dryer cos it's all hot and cozy, which i dont mind cos that's my excuse to leave the washing for a while "i will fold it later cos the dog is having a wee snooze just now" I think my other half is catching on now tho,lol
Raz sticks his tongue out, trys to cuddle with the cats, cannot sleep without my old disney sweatshirt on his cushion and never sleeps ANY PLACE THAT ISN'T SOFT ENOUGH FOR HIS LITTLE TOSHY.
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