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Stud puppy?

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Ok. Chili is such an angel to have around. He has the sweetest temperment, never barks -- well except at the monster-in-law :lol: loves kids, and is gorgeous. As a family, we have been thinking about, and discussing getting a female for him. At this time, I have little interest in becoming a breeder (even as a hobby), but the truth is, we really love the little guy and with how huge our new house is and me not working, we have the space and time for more than one pet.
What I'm getting at is that I think I would rather offer him for stud to someone who has a female that they would like to see reproduce, but also has no plans for breeding in the long term. I'm not looking for money, just pick of the litter.
Just some stats if anyone is interested:
We live in middle TN and would be willing to drive a little
Chili is cream with white markings, he should be no more than 5 lbs full grown, dark brown eyes, black nose and pads, with white nails. He is CKC registered and although we were told he would be a longcoat, he actually has turned out to have a medium coat. It is very thick, just smoother along his back and legs than most longcoats. He has an excellent temperment and loves kids. He is healthy and free of any diseases. We use Frontline Plus for fleas/ticks and he is on heartworm prevention. Up to date on all shots, etc.
All we want is pick of the litter, you can keep any other pups for yourself or to sell. We ask that the female be registered -- however, we don't really care what kennel club.
Anyone who might be interested, please email me or pm me and we can work out a deal.

PS i didn't know whether to put this in buyers/sellers forum or not as I am not really looking to buy or sell, so mods if it should be there, please move it. Thanks!
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