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Stud question

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Marcus will start showing this summer in conformation. If he does well we'll leave him un-neutered and offer him at stud. However we already have people wanting to use him and here's where I find myself in a quandry. I don't mind saying no if he turns out not to be good enough but what about the females? If there are obvious faults I don't want to help perpetuate them by encouraging someone to have a litter but at the same time I don't know how to politely tell someone that IMO their female shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Don't get me wrong I have never met a chi or a part chi I didn't think was wonderful. I'm so sold on the breed I love everyone of them and actually if they weren't perfect I wouldn't care cause if they were sold as pets with a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract then I would be happy but I wouldn't be in control of that part of things. I feel like I'm acting like a snob and that certainly isn't what I want to do.
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I agree, it's your choice who you want to use your dog as stud with. You shouldn't even have to give an explanation if you don't want to. Some people may think you're being a snob, but then again maybe they'll think about not breeding which, if their dog really has a major fault, would be a good thing for the breed.

It's definately your choice....
How can you un-neuter them? I guess I am not familiar at the process.. I mean they cant just paste the balls back on, LOL. Is reversing the process even possible???
un-neutering a dog is impossible as without the testes no sperm and they actually remove them. same with a female, everything is removed, unlike in humans where its just basically 'disconected'

as for choosing the bitch you stud to, that is completly YOUR choice, you want to better the breed and that is wonderfully admirable! ive lately seen alot of adds from people looking for studs, most along the lins of "looking for a stud for our purebred 9lb chi, she doesnt have papers but is "pure"" and alot of adds VERY similar to this, these are the people that give breeders a bad name, and if every breeder with a stud refused to breed with unregistered or 'bad' examples of the breed them wed progress to continue to improve the breed!
I commend you for using your best judgment and refusing some breedings.
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i think she meant that she will keep her male intact...I am guessing he isnt neutered because I dont think you can show a neutered male.

I totally agree with everyone dont even have to give these people an explination for not wanting to offer your stud to them. You should be interested in bettering the breed and it sounds like thats your goal...dont worry about these other just stick to the ones you know are a great representation of the chi breed
I'm sorry, I meant to say I will neuter him if he isn't as good as I think he is. I won't if he can do well. Angel is correct that any dog shown in conformation has to be intact whether it's male or female. He has a few champions in his pedigree but not a lot. His conformation looks good except I'm afraid the ears are too big but he has some growing to do so maybe.
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