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Stud worthy?

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Hello! My name is Steph, I'm kind of new on the board, and I have a 18 week old chi named Sonny bear.
There are breeding questions I want to ask, probably with answers I can find in the books I have, but asking ona forum is a real-life experience view point kind of thing, you know?
Anyways...when we first got Sonny, we did not know much about the breed...Since, My boyfriend and I have fallen in love with the breed and are really starting to read up...We talked last night about possibly training ourselves and Sonny for showing...but thats a whole other story...
He is very young now, but my boyfriend wants to look into keeping him intact and possibly offering him for stud when he is older. We don't want money or anything, just pick of the litter...someone told me people get stud fees the other day, and I guess I never thought of that, I was surprised!...
There are a lot of things we need to check into with him to make sure he is a perfect example of the breed before I would want him to procreate...We are going to start looking for a new vet...since our vet doesn't seem to really be a small dog person and even called him a rat and "not really a dog" the last time we were there...
If we find a good vet, maybe one that chi breeders in the area bring their pups to, would that be best to get info about Sonny being the proper dog to breed?
I'm afraid to ask my breeding questions on the forum just in case i phrase something the wrong way and people take me for some ignorant puppy-mill back yard breeder...
I want to keep the high standards of the breed, and If i went to a reputable breeder and vet that is familiar with chis and they said Sonny was not good for stud use, then we would have him neutered and just buy our next dog..
I thought maybe you would have information to offer me about preparing your puppy for stud use, things to check for, look for, make sure he does or doesn't have...
He is not AKC registered, but he is CKC registered along with his parents and their parents, etc...So we know where he came from and all that jazz...Im waiting to receive his full pedigree from CKC...
I don't want trouble on the board...Im NOT trying to make any money, please believe me, like I said, we thought about this to possibly try to get pick of the litter only..

Anyways, if you can find my questions in that mess, i'll be impressed!
Thanks for any information you can offer me...

Also, about size...I see that it is important for the female to be at least 4.5 lbs for breeding, but what about the size of the male? Sonny is only supposed to be 3 lbs or so full grown (says the chart on here) he is barely 2 lbs now at 4.5 months...
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I would need to see a picture to tell you if he has the breed standard confirmation :wink:
all i can say is you are doing the right thing, asking questions while he is young :) good for you. many times we have had people come here and it was like breed first ask later :roll:

as for size 4.5 or more for the females and a stud that is smaller than the female being used is ideal. chiwi's dad is 2.12 pounds and her mom is around 5 1/2.

good luck with everything! :wave:
i've gone over AKC standards as far as looks, the only thing i CAN see is his ears....they were floppy....but just recently the right one stood straight up and stayed!! yay!!, one ear down, one to go!!!
sonny's mama said:
i've gone over AKC standards as far as looks, the only thing i CAN see is his ears....they were floppy....but just recently the right one stood straight up and stayed!! yay!!, one ear down, one to go!!!
yay! the other one will follow shortly!
And if you can email me a copy of his pedigree and health guarantees stating he is free from ANY genetic defects along with the pictures :wink:
Now this is what you call a responsible breeder / pet owner - good for you sonnysmom and good luck :wave:
how can i upload to post a picture?
ask away better to ask first than to do first and then ask
:wave: is that CKC as in Continental Kennel club or Canadian Kennel Club?
Ok sweetie Please know that he is just beautiful!!! I don't mean to burst your excitement but he is not stud worthy :( His nose is to long and legs are not straight and ear are to big. But please know that he is a beautiful pet quality dog :wink: I know that you have high hopes for him, and please don't take my opinion as I am saying your dog is ugly because he is far from it. :D
He is such a cutie pie - but like most of our dogs on here is not exact enough to standard to be a stud - he is so cute though :D
he is adorable Daytona had flying nun ears he has finally grown into them. AND no matter what he will always be the Champ in your heart as Daytona and Sturgis are in mine
He is a cutie but Stud worthy NO...How Old Is He?
He is adorable but I agree, he is not stud-worthy. I have to say that I love this photo of him though:
Thanks for the great info! Now we can get Sonny neutered (which I've been anxious to do).
We love Sonny BECAUSE of his nose and huge ears, thats why we picked him out of the crowd ( his 4 brothers and sisters)
I had a feeling because Sonny was really the runt of the litter that he wouldn't be to Im really not worried about his nose and ears, which I LOVE, but should I be worried about his legs? I guess I never noticed them as a potential problem, but will they be??
In the beginning I just wanted to get Sonny neutered but my boyfriend really wanted to see about breeding I looked into it and got kind of hooked on the idea, so this morning when I read that Sonny was not stud worthy I instantly felt AWFUL...I love that little guy so much, I can't believe it and I felt like he wasn't good enough...(like when my vet tech friend tried to tell me his molera was a birth defect) I get so defensive on my baby so fast!!
So I called my boyfriend, who got me hooked on the stud idea in the first place, and told him with tears in my eyes :cry: , and he said "we couldn't ask for a better, more well-behaved, smart and social puppy as Sonny...and we love his crazy ears" So its okay...I'm okay with it :)
And we would buy another one JUST LIKE him in a second
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Oh hun dont feel sorry for adoring your dog In our eyes all chihuahuas are perfect and in a owners eyes our dogs have NO FLAWS. This is how alot of pups end up in shelters or out on the street is people who LOVE there dogs and want more of that dog so intend on breeding them which is not a good reason to breed a dog at all. A dog should only be breed if it is up to the akc standard and is of good health and has no genetic disorders. His legs will not bother him his legs will be fine.
Lovely boy :) , but if you really want to get into breeding look for an AKC registered puppy instead and from a breeder that has a lot of experiences with showing. I'm not sure that a CKC dog can enter dog shows in the first place :? ..... correct me people if I'm wrong as I'm from Europe and our dogs have to have a FCI pedigree.
In the mean time have fun with your baby boy as he looks like a real doll :lol: !
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