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Sturgis and Daytona are getting their nuggets done

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I mean neutered :oops: . The 25th OF this month! I am so nervous
Is there anything that can go wrong? I was told they will be getting a shot for pain when they leave should I request more pain meds? Daytona I really dont have a problem with Sturgis on the other hand has been nicked named Humpty Humpty he kinda reminds me of an ex I had lol. So, in the best interest in the Dog community I think it best to do the right thing. I dont want a pupternity suit on my hands :lol:
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Okay this is just me, but...

I don't like the shot for pain. I prefer pills that are doled out over a few days time. I learned from Frasier that the downfall to the pills is that he was not hurting, so it was very difficult to keep him still and quiet. But, I preferred having to do that than to worry about him hurting. Also, his pills weren't just pain - they were to prevent swelling.

Relax about something going wrong. You know it's very unlikely. It's just that it's easier to tell someone else to relax when it's their baby than it is to relax when it's your own. :)

The doctors who do this have done it so many times that the anathesia is only for a few minutes. By this time next week - they'll both be back to normal. :)
lol pupternity ward! too funny!

your boys will be fine. nueter is so much easier and less risky than a spay. but even still complications are rare. they will come through with flying colors.
Good luck to your boys. They should be fine. Cooper came home the same day and was looking pretty sad. (Smelling pretty bad too :roll: ) He was sore during the night - giving little moans here and there, but by the next day he was pretty much back to normal. They recover very fast. Our vet didn't give us any pain meds for home, although I wish he had.

They'll do fine, let us know how it goes! Pupternaty case!!! Funny!! :lol: :lol:
I'm sure they'll both be fine but I'll send some good thoughts your way anyway. It will no doubt be way worse on you than on them. :)
I'm sure everything will go fine. I think that Ritz got pills but I'm not sure if we gave him any. Nate handles those things. :wink: We'll be thinking about you on Saturday.
I am sure everything will go well. We will have you guys in our thoughts. Keep us posted :)
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