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Submissive peeing

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Josie my 15 week old puppy is doing very well, housebroken already. I have a question when I come home from work or I see her first thing in the morning she crouches down low and sometimes dribbles a little pee I did some reading and understood this to be subbmissive peeing,did any of you have this problem with your chi's? I hear they will out outgrow this.Is there any way to curb this from happening?
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well today for the first time Nemo was hollered at. hes 15 weeks also. he tore up the bathroom while we were gone. I dont know how he reached the toliet paper but he did and had a blast doing it. My dh told him no and he was a bod boy next thing you know hes peeing all over the floor. I dont know why he was so scared my dh isnt mean to him or anything. I think its cause he doesnt give my chi much attention so maybe hes afraid of him I dont know.
anyways sorry I cant be much help but wanted to share my chi did it today too. I hope they do grow out of it.
Kemo does it and he has not outgrown it. He will not do it all the time just when he is VERY happy to see me and he is full. Just make your comings and goings as low key as possible, that should help. :wave:
lily always does it when we get in from work she is 11 months and has not outgrown it yet...............bless her I dont scold her as I dont think she even realises shes doing it :wave:
Our friends puppy used to do the submissive peeing thing but she outgrew it as soon as she was spayed.
The advice I have read on this is whenever you come home from being gone, do not greet your dog or acknowledge her in any way. Wait a few minutes and then speak to her in a low tone of voice, as a high-pitched, excited tone can cause her to get over-excited, and bring on the peeing. Also, pet her under her chin, as a pat on top of the head puts her in the submissive mode.

Fussing at your pup may also cause submissive peeing. They want to please you, and if you are overly gruff or loud in your tone when fussing, they will resort to submissive peeing. They are trying to tell you that they understand that you are alpha (the boss).

Tucker peed all over the floor one time whenever my DH fussed at him. And Tucker also used to pee every time we had guests over. He loves company and gets overly excited which brings on the little dribbles of pee. Now he pees in excitement sometimes with some visitors and other times he doesn't. :roll:

I think that these may be two different things: Submissive peeing and Overly Excited peeing.
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