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Such a nasty little dog!

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My purpee dog won't stop eating her own ...uh know. :oops: She has just turned a year old. I have tried giving her the tablets that are supposed to keep this from happening but it doesn't seem to be helping. How can I get her to stop? I read some information on this topic and I think she is doing it because she is bored. We leave her in a large cage all day. She would destroy the house if we let her run around. So she is litter box trained - which means she is in there with her poop and if she gets bored enough - she will eat it. Yuck! If it were as simple as just getting it out of the box as soon as she does it, that would be no problem. But most of the time I'm not there! If I'm at home, she is out and it's not a problem.

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Sorry to hear you are having this problem :(

can I ask what are you feeding her on ? ( sometimes the diet can make matters worse )

Most of the time it is just a really bad , horrid habbit :shock:
I think you are more than likely right re her being bored , she does have
stuff to chew and play with etc yes ?

sorry I can't help anymore , wish I could ..
sara x
Another thing I've heard is sometimes dogs will eat there own poo as
they don't want their owner to know they did it incase they are in trouble
( not saying this is true re your pup , just something I've heard )
I have a muncher too but only like once every week or so, why she is selective is beyond me and she gets the runs every time so you would think she would not do it DAH!!!!!

I heard for females it can be a natural instinct as they have to eat their pups stuff (YUCK) anyway the pills and stuff have not helped here either. Just wanted you to know I share your pain! :(
I only feed her Eukanuba puppy food. I NEVER give her table scraps, and she has never even tasted human food - except what I might have dropped on the floor while cooking. But I give her a bowl of food every morning and I leave it there until it is empty. Somedays she eats all of it, some days she does not. I just fill it up every morning that it is empty. And I do give her a little rawhide stick to chew on. So I just don't know what to do. I'M AT MY WITS END!!!


how large is this cage and does she has to stay there a whole day? ..... and at night?

kisses nat
The cage is large enough for a jumbo size litter box and her food and her bed. She stays there at night and during the day while I'm at work. And sometimes she stays in there even when I'm at home. I'll leave the door open and she sits in there on her bed. I take her out so she can run around when I get home from work. And then she is out until I go to bed at around 11:00. And of course she is out all weekend. But the cage is large for a Chi. She has room to move around and stretch and jump and chew her rawhide.

i've heard that if they aren't getting the nutrients they need they will eat their own waste. :shock: also, maybe you could feed her twice a day-- instead of putting all of her food out in the morning.

other than that, i really can't help-- my chi has never done that before.
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