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I have a beautiful baby girl named Lola. I adopted her wen she was a month old and ever since the first day I fed her, on propose, I got her used to being pet by me while she was eating, I pet her back and neck and gently touch her 4 paws as well as her ears. Also I leave my hand inside her food bowl while she eats. And she had never ever complained about it.
When she was about 4 months old she started showing protection towards her favorite treat, I tried to resolve the issue by holding her treat in my hand while she was eating it and then giving the command "give", It kinda work since she gives the treat but still gets bothered if I touch her while she is eating it, she growls and barks at me, shows her teeth and snaps at me. I correct her with a strong NO, then ask her to sit and then I give the treat back to her.
And just las night, she is 5 months old now, I was feeding her dinner and I did the usual petting I do to her ever since she was a month old, and she growled at me!
I don't know what I'm doing wrong I feel sad lost and desperate and I'd love to hear any recommendations from you 🥺.
Thank you :(
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