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Sun Worshippers

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This is what happens when Chis fill your life. I lost my sunroom to them . . . the couch is now a Chi Bed . . . someday I will have a brand new nice couch. but until then, here are 6 of my Chi-kids. 100% lovable, 100% rescued from kill shelters. The one facing the camera is Peanut, my Diva Alpha female. A former breeding Chi dumped in the kill shelter, rescued, rehabilitated, and now completely spoiled.
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Hats off to you well done. You have have them little guys a second chance in life. And look at tehran they are just to cute x
That's a beautiful sun room and an amazing view. Lucky chis!
Yeah, no kidding! I want to steal your sunroom, too!
More pics of the babies, please!!
Colorado........ my FAVORITE state........ soooo beautifulllllllll
you have a very lucky 'crew' there....
Wow, what a view. The chis are adorable. The couch in my dog room is always covered in chis, they happily share it with my daughters' laps. One of mine, Lexxi, is a retired breeding girl, she was dumped at the SPCA when she turned 5.
beautiful chi's great sun room. I would love to sit there all day and look out at the nature below lovely.
wow really great view. I want to get a little kids chair our couch for my chi so she can sit and look out the window and sun bathe...i wonder if the chair comes with a better view lol!
Your sunroom is gorgeous and if I was a chi I would stay in there all day too.
Ha Ha!! Mine love sunning too...good thing I live in the sunshine state! They love my back screened room and when I let them outside they love to linger/lounge until I make them come in:daisy: btw: lovely room and view;)
Carmi, our newest rescued Chi

Thanks for all the nice comments on the sunroom and view. And my wonderful rescue Chis! It breaks my heart each time--who would dump this precious little one into an unknown fate at the shelter? But then I have to thank these folks for at least giving a helpless creature a chance at a new life.

Here is Carmi, my newest rescue Chi up for adoption. She is a feisty gal! Our nonprofit organization is Chihuahua and Small Dog Rescue of Colorado Springs: Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue. Under Available Furry Friends, I have Willy, Carmi, and Katy in my home as foster Chis. I am in love with Roxy on the site, but she is already in a great foster home. Thank you to all who consider rescue and who have rescued. And yes, how sad a 5lb Chi can be emaciated, but it happens all too often.
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I could kiss you right now! :p
You are just fabulous!
It's so nice to read of rescued dogs that are spoiled and loved.
You make this world a better place, you truly made a difference for these beautiful pups!
Thank you! And please MORE PICTURES!!! You've been holding back on us! ;)
Thank you so much! I will try to get more photos posted--I really lack the skills of some of the posters here.
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