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i was wondering if chis like to swim or be in water (besides the bath lol) i live in florida so its hot mostly always and i have a pool at my house and im in it alot during the summer and was hoping meeko would love swimming with me
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i wouldnt think so...because even when you give them a bath you have to be so careful with their ears.
I wouldn't take him swimming if I were you...maybe if it were a little kid pool or something. But the Chlorine (sp?) would probably make him sick too.
i was going to put a little kiddie pool beside the big one for my daughter so maybe he'll like that
when my aunt had her swiming pool her poodle loved going swimming with her.... of course she wouldn't go under the water but she would swim as long as my aunt was in the pool...

I was just at the pet store looking for ear cleaner drops and there is a powder there... the lady was telling me that it was good to use if the dog swims or is in water alot.. she said just dry the ear and put the powder in and rub the ear like you do with the drops and it will keep the ear from having any problems and it will dry the inside of the dogs ear...

I will be trying it this summer because yes I am teaching gadget how to like water because we are always at the river or creeks and I don't want to have to leave him at camp by himself when we are dredging.. that wouldn't be fair to him.
oh yaeh I forgot to say I will be getting him a lifejacket too.. and I will have him in it when he is in the water... better safe then sorry and then there is a better chance he wouldn't get water in his ears...
I have put the chis in my moms kiddie pool they swam lol dunno if they liked it or not
just put some cotton wool in his ears hell be fine and love to cool down in the summer :wave:
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