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Switching from free feeding to once or twice a day?

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Hi, I just got the new food I ordered(Wellness), and I want to know how to switch from free feeding to just once or twice a day. I talked to a representative from Wellness on the phone, she said i shouldn't free feed with this food b/c it's too rich, they might over eat, and get all chubby.
I just don't know how to do the switching. She also said I should feed them a 1/4 of a cup a day, I want to know if that's enough. Sally Lolita is 3.9 lbs and Chiquitita is 3.5 lbs, they both r six months old.
I am giving Sally Lolita and Fallon(the 9 year old shih tzu, 12 lbs) the fish and sweet potato formula, cus it is the one for allergies...they tried it tonight for the first time, and they both loved it. Chiquitita is not too crazy about her "Puppy Super5Mix"...she likes the fish and sweet potato though...i think it is b/c it is very smelly...I am not sure if I should feed the 3 of them the same food, even if Chiquitita is still a puppy. Well, Sally Lolita is still a puppy too, but the woman on the phone said i should feed her the formula for the allergies b/c she's still loosing her hair, even with the antibiotics that she's been taking. I hope the change of food helps.

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what you would do is figure out how much each dog is supposed to get throughout the day and split it in half. feed half in the am and the other half in the pm. it's not likely that they would get chubby by free feeding UNLESS you just plopped a bowl of food down without measuring out the amount that each dog should get. and even if the bowl was empty after they ate, not filling it back up. i wouldn't feed the others the allergy food, if they do develop a food allergy it will be harder to find a food that they will do well with if you introduce stuff like duck, fish, venison ect at a young age.
Thanks Luvmypuppet.
That makes sense...ur advice is very helpful :D

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