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well vixie just whent through he first bleed cycle (remember just cause the little ones stopped bleeding doesnt mean shes not at risk she actually is most suceptable for a good week (on average) after the bleeding stops.
Vixie wasnt very heavy however i did make her a little diaper kind of thing (the ones i saw in the store were real bulky so i got some cheap cotton matterial and used the idea of a baby diaper for shape. velcro makes for good closure on them and the cottons real easy to was, if you make the tail hole wider they can also go poop easily its just the peeing that can cause issues. vixie didnt bleed much i put a pantyline cut to size inside the cotton diaper and voila, ive found that vixie tends to go to the bathrooms the same times each day so i just removed the diaper close to the time shed usually go. shes currently in receptive stage (or smelly butt stage), so theres still the yellowish discharge another thing kept clean by the diaper.
you might not need it, but vixies hyper active and loves everyone and we have light colour furniture and god forbid she sleep on a towel, so it saved alot of cleaning. you may not find you need one. but it also helps protect your little girl if your out with her itll help mask the scent a little and makes it difficult for any kind of access :)

and you said you were planning on spaying anywayz *bravo* some vets WILL spay during a heat cycle but it usually costs more because theres a higher blood loss. but its just as easy (in a male-less home) to let her go through this one and get her spayed asap after this. and safer on your little girl...

definatly sounds like the warning sighns of a heat, and shes about the right age.
hope this helps.

it wont hurt her in anyway (though she might be moody for a few days lol) but it might be a little messy lol.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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