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A big thank you to Pookypeds (Calleigh) for Jerry's Secret Santa gifts; and, to
Blondie87 (Bella) for Tabitha's Secret Santa gifts! Wow! What a haul :santa:

Pink packages from Bella and Blue from Calleigh:

Tabitha absolutely loves her pink snuggle sack! Bella, you have such good taste :)

The beautiful harness, leash and collar were more than enough! You really outdid
yourself with generosity. Tabitha was very excited :angel8:

Jerry opened his snuggle sack from Calleigh and a fight broke out (good natured of course!) It was a very, very popular item... :D

and... we see the outcome... and the winner is:

Thank you Shelly for thinking of me too! How sweet of you!

And, Codi, these candles have the most wonderful scent! I wish everyone on
Chi Ppl could smell the delicious apple/cinnamon fragrance! Thank you so much!

It was a very generous year from both Santas :santa:! So many fantastic
gifts and they are still being unpackaged and "tested" by Tabitha and Jerry.
Thank you again Pookypeds (Shelly) and Blondie87 (Codi)! You have really
made this such a special year for both of my little ones. Have a Blessed New Year!

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Wow wow wow!
Would you look at that!!!
My goodness I really missed out.
Can not wait to participate next year!
Your babies were spoiled rotten.
Such great gifts!
Love them all, but especially the harness & leash set!

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Awwww I love it! So you haven't opened up any of the other gifts yet? Can't wait to see more pics of everything else! It was a lot of fun shopping for Tabitha. I would have gotten different fragrance of candles then I did for our other SS, but those smelled so good I just got you guys the same.. lol.
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