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Taco likes his food again!

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I'm soooooo happy! After a couple of weeks of trying new foods, I tried Royal Canin-Chihuahua after some of you suggested it and he LOVES it. He keeps going back to his bowl to see if there is more he can eat. hehe
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. :D
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Royal Canin should pay this forum royalties for all the free publicity they've gotten here. :lol: They really do make great products though.

Yay Taco! :wave:
I totally agree!!! Talk about free advertizing!! :)
yaya! glad he's eating!!! i agree this forum has sold more rc lol!
YAY! I'm so happy he's eating! I recently switched Molly to RC and she LOVES it! :D
it's a shame we don't have the chihuahua-kind here yet :cry: maybe in time :D

kisses nat
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