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Taco's favorite toy!

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Hi everybody. Here's a pic of Taco's favorite toy. It's called an I.Q. Cube. It comes with 4 little stuffed shapes that have squeaky's in them and you put them in the inside of the cube and he has to stick his head in the cube and take them out. He loves it. As long as I keep putting them back in there, he plays with it forever. I picked it up at Petco. And, its machine washable. Just thought I'd share incase somebody else wanted to try one. I bet a crafty person could even make one. Maybe even smaller for a smaller chi.
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great looking toy , I'm sure my boy would like that , but never seen them in the uk ...
me neither but sure looks fun!
I think Gizmo would LOVE that! He is very analytical...if his toys get stuck somewhere trust me he will get it out...
looks like a great toy ... but haven't seen it yet ........;

kisses nat
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