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Tansy is home :)

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We finally picked up Tansy on Saturday morning; she is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She met our lab mix on Sunday, and she was growling glaring and actually nipped poor Katie's nose- twice! I gave her a firm "No" and she stopped pretty quick. They seem to have come to an agreement though- I am Tansy's, and Peter is Katie's. No other negotiations needed. :wink: (They don't play together yet- I'm too scared of Tansy getting hurt.) She's a bit mad at me today, because we saw the vet for her vaccines. (She saw another huge dog at the vet, and couldn't have cared less.) She didn't care at all when they did her shot, but now she's sore and a bit grumpy. But not too grumpy to be silly for pictures!

:D I am so in love with this little lady already. :D
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Oh she sure is cute. I love her sweater! I am sure you are going to have tons of fun with her.

She is so cute...Congratulations...
the sweater is nice, my friend got one like that from e-bay.
Tansy is gorgeous... I love her little sweater.
Aww she is too cute! Esp in her sweater...I'm looking for one for my Snuffy. Congrats! :)
Tansy is beautiful. Hope her and Katie become the best of friends. :D
Oh my, what a cute little Chi. :) I look forward to seeing pictures as she grows up.
of course your in love :love5: she is darling!!!!!!
OMG she really is the cutest thing :wave:
Aww - what a sweetheart. It doesn't take long for them to capture your heart.
It's too bad you couldn't get a cute one. :D

Wow, she's just too adorable for words. :love7:
what a cutie pie! i see how you fell in love with her already!
Tansy is a real cutie..i love her sweater :wink:

kisses nat
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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