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Finglen said:
You Guys shock me, really, you have no idea sometimes, you all just blabber on like lost sheep, following each others comments. You are all mad and sad. Have you not got better things to do?? Is there some kind of twisted jealousy going on here, sure seems like it to me.
Been watching this forum for months and it never ceases to amaze me.
Dont know what else to say really, its all pretty sad.
I am a member of a cat forum and real things are discussed there like genes, diet, health and showing etc etc, I can honestly say this is sheer dribble and no good to anyone needing to learn about Chis. Infact i think it would put most people off wanting to get involved in the Chi World if they believed this was what it is about.
Well my first post and my last i reckon, enjoy your bitching guys!! :wave:
Dude, you can go fudge yourself. i've never told anyone off on here before, and probably never will again...but you, my friend, are the one who has nothing better to do if you are coming in here starting crap with us. this is a forum for people who own and love chi's. if you don't have a chi, why are you here? go back to your own forum and leave us be. how can you say this forum is no good to anyone wanting to learn about chi's? this is the PERFECT place to come and learn about chi's. we all own them and when someone comes here with a question, we help them. this is a very friendly forum and your comments are not appreciated or welcomed. and i'll tell you something else...if we want to "bitch" we can...we all need to vent every now and then, and everyone here understands that, listens, and supports. you know what? i don't even know why i took the effort to reply to are just an insignificant piece of crap and i have waisted my energy typing this, but since its already typed, i'm going to submit it. it probably won't matter to a person like you...but oh well. this is the internet buddy...we all have freedom of speech and the internet is a great way to use it. like it or not, thats how it is. so p.i.$$ off!
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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