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Tear Stains

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Do any of you with light colored chis use anything to remove the tear stains under their eyes?

I have tried "8 in 1 Tear Clear" Stain remover pads and I'm not that impressed. Do you have to use them for a while before the stains go away?
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I will be interested to dsee what you are reccomended as I have the same trouble :wave:
Ok this is odd, I was just thinking about making a post today about this!!!! Chiquita is cream and she gets the nasty reddish tear stains and I don't know what to use on them! I think I will attempt a little witch hazel and let you know how it goes :lol:
Careful not to get it in her eyes!
Some info:

Most veterinary eye specialists believe the actual cause of tear staining is excess tearing. When the face hair is wet from excess tearing it is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. One of the most common yeast infections is Ptyrosporin or Red Yeast which causes a deep reddish-brown stain. Low grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts are also common and may cause excess tearing and staining.

From what I've read, most of the OTC products are a waste of money and don't work. I've heard that wiping stains CAREFULLY using hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball is pretty effective, but please be careful. This needs to be repeated for several days, then as needed. But I don't know, this sounds pretty risky if your dog won't sit entirely still for you.

You can also try to avoid foods, treats and bone that contain dyes, and possibly water with a high mineral content.
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