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teddey bears pride @bornoz first champ show tommorrow!!!!!

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hi all vicki and jacob here iv just finished drying him and brushing him ready for his champ show tommorrow i know im very nervous i dunno about him lol!! will post when we get back tommorrow but cant wait really excited to see him strut his stuff in front of all the top breeders and showers!!!!
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Best of luck to you, I'm going to be anxious to read how he does. He's a beautiful boy so be calm and have fun.
i know i get so nervous sometimes i just gonna stay calm hopefully!!!! fingers crossed
thanks from me and jacob :lol:
good luck lets hope for a best in show :wave:
GOOD LUCK Jacob. I am sure he will do well. He is absolutely stunning.

Good luck! He is already TOP DOG as far as I am concerned. :D
Good luck Jacob Don't be too nervous mom :wave:
thanks everyone the nerves are really kicking in now id really love to maybe get a third would love to qualify for crufts but thats a dream!!! we can only go out there and give it our best shot he done so well at ring craft tonight if he behaves like that tommorrow i will be so pleased even if we dont get placed as he is really starting to enjoy it and it shows how much he has learnt from ring craft will post update tommorrow!

p.s thankyou everyone for all the support
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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