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Teddy Bears

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So I see a lot of you talking about your Chis having stuffed animals and teddy bears. When I went shopping for my baby's things, I went to the baby section to look for soft teddy bears. Everything there had a rattle in it, and I was afraid she might be able to chew it out and choke on it, so I went on back to the toy dept. (I was in Wal-Mart, by the's with all of us and Wal-Mart?!)

Anyway, I wasn't sure just what size she needed. There was one I started to get that was probably about 9-10" long, b ut I ended up settling on two smaller stuffed critters, a little zebra and leopard that are about 4-5" long. How big are your babies' toys and what size is best?
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i find all my dogs are small and they love the mc donalds sized tos just the right size to hold in there mouth and run around with lol mind you jacob likes to drag around the bigger teddies that he can hardly carry
Jasmine has all sizes - from about 6 inches up to a huge teddy bear that is about 20 times her size. But she loves to drag it around. I get such a kick out of watching her drag it from the computer room at the back of my house, into the living room. :lol:

Her favorite toys all came from Walmart, by the way. For some reason she seems to like the cheap toys better than the more expensive. Not your typical female...... :lol:
All of Hershey's personal toys look to be just her size. But there is one stuffed animal that my son has that Hershey just loves. It's a puppy and it is just a little bigger than her. It is so funny to see her carry it around and beat it up. It makes her feel like a big girl to beat up a dog bigger than her!! :lol:
Bella has toys of all sizes too. And it does crack me up when she drags around the toys bigger than her. She does this quite often. It so cute. It makes you wonder how something so small can carry around something so big.

Gadget has toys from small 3 to 4 inches up to his big dog that is bigger than he is.. he even has a couple stuffed animal baby rattles.. he loves them.. He will zoom around with them if you start rattling them he will come running... his favorite is his earnie doll... he is about 5 or 6 inches and he has yarn hair... it is funny watching him throw earnie around and chase after him...

he aslo has his rope bones.. 1 store bought that he loved until I made him his fleece ones and his yarn ones.. he has one that I made him that it looks like it is 100 years old, but it is only a few months old...

Bentley has all sorts of toys that are kinda little.
But in the evenning I will always find a toy from my kid in his spot.
Most of the time its HUGE :D
Maybe he thinks its his girlfriend? :lol:


Chico has tons of toys too...every single one if from wal-mart except for this stretchy plush dog i for from petsmart. i just got him a new rope toy (he loves those) and i had to get him 3 of the yellow and green plush frisbees because those are his favorite and they get worn out quickly because he plays with them so much.
The Dollar General store has some great stuffed Teddy Bears. They are soft and only cost a dollar. :) I also buy the key-rings that have the little toy on the end of it, just take the toy off. It works great!!

My boys' toys are all different sizes. They have the small teddy bear type ones, that I usually buy at Wal-Mart and then they have some bigger ones like a rope toy that is about 8-10" long.
chiwi has toys that are about 3 inches and up. some even weigh more than her lol.
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