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Teddy Video and Pics! (Pic Heavy)

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I made this short little video of me outside with Teddy on our FIRST WALK since my surgery! He's been such a great friend during this stressful time for me, always right by my side and there to cheer me up during my "post-op blues." :crybaby: I love my little bear! (Btw, sorry about the bad quality.. I recorded it on my iPhone.)

Teddy - YouTube

I thought the song was cute and I hated the sound effects of the video so I put it in. It's from a show called "Greatest American Dog" that was cancelled after only one season in 2008 (which is a shame because it was a cute concept).

Right by my side's where I want you to be
You take the sadness outta me
Right by your side, on me you can depend
I'm always gonna be your best friend
And it will always be you and me (together)
You're my superstar (forever)
You're my superstar, my superstar!

Today we were working on loose-leash walking (not obedience heeling) and a new trick: "Rebound"! Rebound is where he puts his paws up on my knee and pushes off and does a cute little twirl. He just learned it a few minutes before we went outside but he already seems to have the hang of it! :D

And because I know you guys love pictures so much.. Here are a few pictures of Teddy's new harness, collar and dog tag. I switched his color from light blue to red because people kept mistaking him for a girl. :foxes15:

PS: Can someone tell me how to make a "Click here to show pictures" spoiler-type button, so that people with slow connections aren't immediately overwhelmed with pictures loading?
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...oh and how come you are allowed to post large pictures and I'm not? Do you have a paid membership or something? (sorry for going off topic, was just curious)
I have no idea! I didn't even know that some people were allowed to and others weren't.. Maybe I'm not really supposed to! :shock: Should I change it? I just uploaded those pictures to Photobucket and copied the code that it gave me..

EDIT: I reduced all the pictures to 25% of their original size.. Hopefully that's better!

Aww that video is so sweet! Love the song choice! :thumbleft:
And the photo of Teddy's little head on your hand, sooooo precious!!!
You guys are so freaking cute! :love5:

How are you feeling today?
Yeah, that's how he holds hands! It's really cute because if I'm holding my boyfriend's hand, sometimes Teddy will come over and gently set his head on top of both our hands. :cloud9: It's like he wants to be the three amigos or something.

I'm feeling okay today. I've been getting steadily better since I've quit the Percocet. I'm not as drowsy and "out of it" as I was. I'm still taking Advil for the pain, and if I miss a dose then I'm aching pretty bad, but so far it appears to be getting better.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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