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Teeth Cleaning

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I know someone had asked about this not long ago, but I can't find it :? . I was just wondering, how do you brush their teeth? Can you buy dog toothbrushes or do you use a cloth?? And how do you brush them, just like you would brush your own? Totally clueless I am. Also, Cooper hates getting his teeth looked at even, any suggestions how to do this?

Again, sorry for asking a repeat question!
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You can buy doggie toothbrushes and doogy toothpaste at pet stores. Bosco and Lola both love the taste of theirs so they don't mind tooth-brushing time.

The main thing to remember is to try to make it pleasant. First put toothpaste on a toothbrush (or on your finger) and let him just lick it off. Then try to brush the front teeth only. Work up to doing the back teeth.

Bosco's trainer said that dog toothpaste has some kind of enzyme in it that really just requires the toothpaste to touch the tooth and that is it - you don't need to necessarily scrub them the way you do your own. :?:
Great! Thanks so much Boogaloo. I better get started on this teeth cleaning thing while coop is still kind of young. Thanks again for the advice! I was picturing in my head having to be prying his mouth open while I brushed all his teeth even the molars like we do - front back side etc. hehehe. I am sure glad they make doggie toothpaste to work when it touches their teeth cuz the way I had it pictured would sure be a chore!!! lol :lol:
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