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(I swear I'm not an alcoholic.)

Here's some pix of Kahlua bonding with her new little sister.... the two of them are just so cute together. She does just fine with Eleanor and Gatsby too, but they pretty much just coexist happily. With Kahlua they're always interacting... I'm very happy it turned out this way; I was afraid that my Lu who's used to being my little baby princess would resent a new 'baby.' She does get jealous no doubt, lol; but she's handling it very maturely.. and she knows she's still momma's lil baby. =)

Methinks she's rubbing off on her lil sis... hehe...

And then its playtime...

Throw in a toy and it's WAR!!!

This shows how small Tequila is.... Kahlua is 5lbs; and Quila was 3lbs even yesterday at the vet's. NOT typical for a crested; she'll likely be around 6-7lbs as an adult. Their standard goes by height though, not weight; but she's still under the 11-13" standard by only being 7 inches tall at the withers now lol. Ah well she's just my pet baby, no showing for us; plus she fits in better with the chihuahuas at this size LOL.

And for your daily "AWWWWWWW!!!"-->
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