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Bella was out on the deck and a large hawk flew over and started going back and forth over the house. the deck has a pergola over it so the hawk must have been put off by it and seemed to lose interest.....unfortunately a few minutes later the wind blew open the gate and Bella left the deck..... I was working at one of the cottages and I heard the shrill cry of the hawk and looked up to see it flying very low.....I started to holler and then I saw Bella running toward me ! I never have moved as fast as I did today ( remember, I'm one of the " older " members ) and picked Bella up......the hawk was scared off . Bella and I are still shaken !

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I'm glad she's ok. We had an incident in FL where I use to live where a hawk had taken a small Chi while the owner was walking. Luckily, the dog was on the leash and the lady was able to get her dog back.

Here is the article:

`Drop the Chihuahua'
doesn't work on Hawk
* A woman attacks a
hawk trying to rescue
her pet from its talons.
NICEVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Forget the
chalupa, just "Drop the Chihuahua."
That's what Sandy Parks
shrieked when a juvenile red-tailed
hawk dug its talons into Bandita,
the spitting image of the talking
Chihuahua in Taco Bell's "Drop the
chalupa" commercials.
The hawk found itself in a tug-
of-war with Parks, 61, because
Bandita was on a 5-foot leash when
the raptor sprang from a neighbor's
bushes Monday.
"Here I am, yelling "Drop the
Chihuahua! Drop the Chihuahua!"
she recalled Tuesday. "I am sur-
prised I didn't scare the hawk away.
I had no idea they had that much
tenacity. I've been hungry before,
but I've never held on to food that
She yanked on the leash and
slammed the 2.6-pound bird and 6-
pound dog into the outside wall of
her duplex in the Bluewater Bay
community near this Florida Pan-
handle city.
The hawk, still grasping Bandita,
dropped to the ground and Parks
stomped its belly. It refused to let
go until she dragged the animals
into her doorway and slammed the
door on the hawk's legs.
Both animals were treated at the
Niceville Animal Clinic, where vet-
erinarian Dr. Jim Whiteside discov-
ered the hawk was suffering from a
previous injury, a wing broken in
two places, clinic receptionist
Laura Lassiter said Wednesday.
That's apparently why the hawk,
weighing just half of what a bird
with a 5-foot wingspan should, had
resorted to preying on a pet.
The wing was healing well on its
own and needed no further treat-
ment, Lassiter said. The hawk suf-
fered only a broke feather in its
battle with Parks. It will remain at
the clinic until the healing is
complete, which should take about
six weeks.
Bandita's puncture wounds were
patched, and she went home with
Parks, but not before some tense
moments when Audubon Society
members brought the hawk to the
"So there we are, the bird in a
box and the dog in a cage in the
same room," Parks said. "She
wasn't too thrilled about that."
Parks also got a lecture about
how it is illegal to batter hawks,
which are protected by federal
migratory bird laws.
"I just wanted to say 'Listen, put
me in jail, fine me, just take care of
my dog,'" she said. "The bird
wasn't afraid of me and once he lost
fear of humans, he could have been
dangerous. What if it had been my
granddaughter or one of the neigh-
borhood kids out walking the dog?"
While recuperating, the hawk
won't be dining on kids, Chihua-
huas or chalupas.
"We're going to fatten him up on
some rats and then release him,"
Lassiter said.

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wow! glad you acted fast! soemtimes there is a hawk in our neighborhood and i say he is jsut waiting to take one of our dogs.... our smallest (besides chiwi of course) is trinket and she is the 17 pound shih tzu mix, she's very scrawny....

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Gosh be careful and vigilant with your babies! My ex had to shoot a crow :( and hang it in the back garden to deter the others as we had such a problem with them. It seemed to work and they kept away :)

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Omg I am so glad Bella is alright - wow, that would be so scary!!! I'm glad you were watching and acted fast too!!!

NoahFL that story was amazing - I'm glad it had a happy ending. I wouldv'e been so mad if they lectured me about battering a hawk! I'd do anything to that hawk to save my dog!! 8)

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I am happy that Bella is ok...

That article about the hawk and the chihuahua is amazing... It was a good thing that the dog was on a leash... I am glad that both the dog and the bird will be ok....

We have lots of BIG prey birds here.. Even bald eagles and a few goldens... We even have turkey fultures here... The blue jays a even twice as big as Gadget... So I have to be very careful with him... I have a fenced in area(small) him but I never let him out with out going out with him...

I put the fencing up so he could follow me out and not have to worry about him getting out of the yard.. this time of the year we are always in and out....

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NoahFl.......thank you for that article , I am always looking out for hawks because I have heard of them attacking Chi's....that item which prove it too all the nay sayers !

I appreciate all of the concern expressed by my fellow chi lovers..Bella is fine and acting like nothing happened ! I on the other hand am still upset...looks like a " Calgon take me away night ! " LOL

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Well, this has been some day for you. Am so glad you were able to get to Bella in time.

The story about the hawk in Florida is really interesting. I live in Florida also, and never let Jasmine out unless I am with her. The lady in the story was much more polite than I would have been. If they lectured me about abusing a hawk who tried to take my baby, I would probably have told them to "kiss my a**) :lol:
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