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I would like to say thank you for the kind words that have been shown to cocoa and myself. I love this website. Does anyone know a breeder in oklahoma city that would let me hold a chi puppy? I held a pug puppy for 1 hour this past saturday. She was a rescue pug. We didn't adopt her as we really only want chi. I want a chi girl, and she would not be for breeding, only to be my companion and cocoa. She would live with my mother as she would be main home, and I would be aunt Jennie like when mother gets her hair or visits doctor.Can anyone direct me to a breeder not puppy mill breeder that has a female, she doesn't need papers just full of chi kisses.

I am putting off hospice for a while as cocoa needs his mommy and my neice needs her aunt Jennie. I would love a rescue chi female. Does anyone know of chi rescue in oklahoma? when cocoa gets his picture id for service dog I will send his picture so you can see him. I cannot wait till his first church service as he gets full priveleges as a service dog. He makes my physical pain go where i have used less pain medication.

Please give your chi kids a special hug tonight tell them how special they our as one of their chi friend cocoa is helping his mama. All of your chis would and do the same.


Cocoas mama Jennie and cocoa
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