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I just wanted to say thank you for letting me into the group. I read EVERY post and really enjoyed it! :) I am the proud mommy of 10 wk old Princess Lola. We live in Rhode Island USA and planning on moving to Orlando, Florida, USA in about a month or two.. I am 22 and married with three daughters, Lola.. Angelina, 3 and a half, and Alianna, 16 months.. My mother has a 2 yr old male long coat named Junior.. We may want to breed in a few yrs but im not sure on that yet.. I would want to do alot of research and try to witness two or more chihuahua births before hand.. So my question is, does anyone recommend any breeding books? I know there is a book named Breeding for Dummys.. but i am looking for a breeding book focused more on Chihuahuas, is there such a thing? Anyhow, Thanks again for allowing me in.. :)
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