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I don't know why I have this problem. It's weird too because I never see the teeny flies during the day - they only seem to appear at night. I usually throw the pads out after she uses them 2 or 3 times. I think I am going to go buy actual litter that I can just flush instead of leaving the pads in the garbage.
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flushable litter

Yes they do! They have several different flushable kinds to choose from at Petsmart. The kind I bought is called Swheat Scoop and is certified biodegradable and flushable.
Is it safe for septic tanks? I'm very careful what I flush, as I'm on a septic system, and pumping out septic tanks and unclogging drain fields is very expensive!

I use a plastic grocery bag to dispose of used pee pads. I just put my hand inside the bag, fold the pad over a couple of times, then holding the pad through the bag, turn it inside out and tie. You don't even have to touch the pee pad at all. Then it goes straight into the garbage can. This has worked really well for me.

I did try the litter when I first got Jasmine, but she made a really big mess with it.
Are you sure it's the pads. I had the exact same problem and I thought it was coming from Seiah's pen so I cleaned it everyday and nothing changed. So then I thought maybe it was the fruits in the kitchen and the flies just made their way to Seiah, but I got rid of the fruits and still no change. Finally when we did some spring cleaning we realized that the cabinets that we put over the toilet were molding from all the steam when we took showers :pukeright: . As soon as we cleaned that up the flies mysteriously disappeared.
yeah with the heat ...all sort of yucky things can occur :D

kisses nat
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