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The BIG decision... dun dun dun

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Hi, My names krissy I'm new here. :lol:

I've read alot of post, old and new and I've learned so much just from doing that. It's really fun reading what people think and their tips too :wink: . I dont have a chihuahua Yet but I will be getting one this summer. I'm soo excited and everyday I think about it. 8)

I need help picking a name though, name for a boy. Something uncommon and cute. I've looked at some websites that have lists of names for puppies, but they are pretty funny. Sometime I wonder if whoever listed those names just named anything in site. I'm serious.. there was names like, chair, book, sofa...ect. It's really funny yet kinda fustrating :shock: .

Well, If anybody has a couple ideas and suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a BUNCH! :wink:
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what about jackson

kisses nat
I think a cute boy chihuahua name is Sprout!!!
Hollyspup said:
I think a cute boy chihuahua name is Sprout!!!
that's a good one!
If ever I hawe a boy Chi I will call him Bean! :D
My next Chi , i'm gonna call ' biscuit ' or 'flint' :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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