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I often write poems in the back of my books - usually maths. lol So i'll write them here.

I'm Sorry.
If you rip my heart out.
Do it with a rusty knife.
It once beat your name.
Now it lies emotionless in front of me.
My eyes are stained.
Stained of heartbreak.
I look up at you.
I'm sorry.
All i'm sorry for.
All i'm sorry for is for bleeding on your shirt.

Very gory I know. o.o Scary huh?

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Dreams dont Come True.
Sometimes, you just need to let go.
Let your dreams fly away.
Turning your back no them.
Let the tears roll down your face.
For the last time.
Sometimes, we like to know.
We like to know what will happen next.
But shooting stars fly.
And if you wish apon a star.
Your dreams will be fake.
Everyone knows.
Dreams dont come true.

I think I have problems writing nice poems.
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