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The Menagerie

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So, though I've only got Carmela, there are actually three dogs in total in the house... two of them belong to my roommate (as did Carmela, before she picked me and I ended up buying her off the roomie).

Of course there's Carmela:

But there is also Milton:

And Elmer (pictured with his birthday elephant):

Elmer's actually a Japanese chin rather than a chihuahua, but he doesn't know that so we try not to hold it against him.

We had Nemo for a while, too:

So there they are.
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hi what a lovely family and friends you and carmelia have i thinkl your little girl is precious id love to have a tiny but i dont know how to pick a small chih they all are small as babies
Awww what a great wee crew love them all elmer has the cutest expressions love Japanese chins too awww carmela looks like a sweetie x
Your doggies are all so beautiful!! I love JC's they're one of the few brachy-blabla-ic breeds (sorry I can never think of the word and too lazy to look it up lmao) that I just find downright adorable!!

And wow... if this doesn't confirm my nerdhood I don't know what will. I saw the subject and immediately thought YAY STAR TREK!!! =D
So sweet they are.
Your little babies are absolutely gorgeous!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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