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Holy crap! If that was any cuter, it would be poisonous!!! Sooooo adorable.
I can't believe I can see all their faces! They were mostly all looking in different directions or laying down.....

you must stop traffic when you're out and about :D that is just too darn cute :)
LOL, everyone in our neighborhood knows me "the crazy dog lady" already. But in a few weeks when all the tourists get here - I'm sure we'll get a few smirks. I love it.

That is so cute.
awww, thanks :)

LOL..I love it.What a great way to get all the doggies out and about
I usually walk them - either 1, 2 or three at a time, but I was tired last night. Archie and Tink were walking, but then Arch got tired. That's when we realized that he LOVES his new "Man Cave"!!!!

Archie's not fooling me! He's just trying to get away from Momma Mia down in his "man cave!" LOL So so precious!!!
LOL, you're right! She's always pawing at him or trying to snuggle.....he can't stand that!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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