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Hello everyone.

I've posted in here several times about my "baby" (9 year old chi named Bella :) ) ALWAYS peeing, or sometimes pooping, inside. Yes, we've replaced carpets in the bedrooms where she would run off to, have now blocked off her access to the bedrooms, and she's either in her cage (where she sleeps), outside, or at my side at all times. At least I try to. I can't control the situation completely when I'm not at home or I'm sleeping.

ANYway, her current favorite spot is the SAME place in the kitchen, on our linoleum/vinyl floor. Each time I see a puddle, I immediately spray it with something called Out! Advanced Pet Stain and Odor Removal (it's in a red bottle) and Clorox Bleach Cleaner (green bottle). I will often let that set about 10 minutes or so, then wipe up with wet paper towels and finally dry with dry paper towels. I've also tried adding a little water and scrubbing it with a brush. AND I also have a Bissel Crosswave that I'll use on it after spraying with those two products.

All of that and Bella will STILL pee in the same spot. Carpet I can understand, as the urine can get way down in the fibers, on the padding, etc. But vinyl? I thought that would be easier to clean.

I'm thinking it might be time to replace our kitchen floor. It's actually LONG overdue, but the cost holds us back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to THOROUGHLY clean the floor, or a less expensive way/company to replace the floor?


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