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The Scenic Lu... *Pic Heavy*

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No that wasn't a typo. My Kahlua love accompanied Rob and I for a walk around a state park that has a few secluded areas where she can run free... and she LOVED it! She honestly hasn't been off-leash anywhere since she was a pup; as we've had a fenced yard and everything else we go to she has to wear the leash. She had a blast. I love her so much; she is my baby and can be quite the diva; BUT one of my favorite things to do is to watch her truly be a *dog*... running, sniffing, gettin' muddy... so here are the photos from today. She wandered everywhere on her own; which surprised me how close she went through the few-inches-deep creek... her whole underside was wet and her paws were muddy... <3 Sorry these are so big; but it was the only way you could see the itty bitty dog in some of the pictures LOL!

Heading to the nature trails...

Daddy's with us too...


Strike a pose!

Dare I say it, folks... this is my... Teacup Chihuahua... ;) Ahaha...

A happy girl..
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She loved the creek... had fun scaring the frogs; and chasing the butterflies...

Mmm.. stinky things to roll in!!

Crossin' the bridge heading back to the car..

The one I want to frame and hang up...

The ride home... one pooped (albeit happy!!) pooch... <3
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LS, actually it just came in today!!! =D I took a bunch of pictures too of the dogs with everything, I'm going out on a 'dog run' with someone to pick up her own fosters so I gotta jet but I will be sure to post them tonight. =) You are too generous!! And someday I'm gonna send you a doggie gift basket too... because I WANT to... and won't take no for an answer. =D
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