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The Scenic Lu... *Pic Heavy*

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No that wasn't a typo. My Kahlua love accompanied Rob and I for a walk around a state park that has a few secluded areas where she can run free... and she LOVED it! She honestly hasn't been off-leash anywhere since she was a pup; as we've had a fenced yard and everything else we go to she has to wear the leash. She had a blast. I love her so much; she is my baby and can be quite the diva; BUT one of my favorite things to do is to watch her truly be a *dog*... running, sniffing, gettin' muddy... so here are the photos from today. She wandered everywhere on her own; which surprised me how close she went through the few-inches-deep creek... her whole underside was wet and her paws were muddy... <3 Sorry these are so big; but it was the only way you could see the itty bitty dog in some of the pictures LOL!

Heading to the nature trails...

Daddy's with us too...


Strike a pose!

Dare I say it, folks... this is my... Teacup Chihuahua... ;) Ahaha...

A happy girl..
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So happy you guys had a nice day. :) Beautiful shots! Where are the rest of the pups?

ps: did you get my package yet? I'm so nervous it won't come.
LS, actually it just came in today!!! =D I took a bunch of pictures too of the dogs with everything, I'm going out on a 'dog run' with someone to pick up her own fosters so I gotta jet but I will be sure to post them tonight. =) You are too generous!! And someday I'm gonna send you a doggie gift basket too... because I WANT to... and won't take no for an answer. =D
Hey Kat,

I'm SO happy it arrived! I sent it by air mail in hopes that you would get it quickly.
I was worried you might get it late, or not recieve it at all. I'm glad you like everything. :)

I know I said I'll send you a teddy for Kahlua, but how could I possibly leave out the rest of your pack?
They all deserve a little something from Auntie LS, lol. So the pink bear is for Kahlua, the white camel
is for Zoey, the Moomoo is for Julian, and the three collar and leash sets are for Sushi, Eleanor and Tequila.
Of course you are free to switch it up however you like, this is just how I planned it.

Oh and Kat, you don't need to send me anything, you are a friend and I did this just because, I don't want anything in return.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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