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Hello everyone!

Just writing that Ponyo is now in her "challenge" phase. She's picked up about everything she can regarding every day pack life in the house, and now (if I don't give her the 30 minute training session a day) she's getting quite stubborn. :-x

You see, on weekdays she is almost overstimulated! :happy6: She wakes up, potties, play time, then travel to work to meet work pack and daycare. Then we come home and do training before dinner. But on weekends sometimes I just want to relax! :sleepy3: Not our little chis, huh? I know that she understands what "lay down", "sit" and "stay" mean, but she will challenge because she has an overabundance of energy!

Gah, I know that as a Dog Mom I can't even break for one day, but darn these last weeks have been tiring! Plus, well... I think Ponyo is a sneak pee-er. :sad5: She is never out of my sight so I don't have any clue how she does it, but there have been two incidents where Ponyo has done a tiny piddle where her kennel usually goes in my bedroom. I haven't caught her in the act, but I still make a point to bring the pee to everyone's attention and say that I'm upset. No one really gets disciplined, I just say "This is VERY naughty." I really don't think my other dogs would do it, they are very seasoned and will hold it in to the point of shaking and panting before they go on the carpet... so unfortunately, Ponyo has to take a step back in her potty training and be kenneled a bit more at home while I'm cleaning, showering or doing other things. This is confusing her, I can tell. :pale:

It's kind of difficult to keep the pack order straight, because I can tell Ponyo is very eager and younger and really wants to be a part of things. She enjoys being held a bunch, but I still have to make her work for every affection, treat or dinner like everyone else. On the other hand, she gets special treatment because I take her to work, she has her own bag that reeks like travel and treats, and is very small and needs extra clothes for outside and general extra attention (extra potty breaks, a minute or two of extra work on a command)... so I think we're all a bit confused as to where the pack order will settle. :scratch: Ponyo has only been in our family for 2.5 months (which is difficult for me to remember, she is so smart) so she really doesn't understand all I think she should about the human life she wants to live with me, but her mentality is really prime for the No. 2 spot. My cocker would gladly concede, and does at times, but I also want my cocker keep helping me train.

Just having one of those "puppy days!" :banghead: ... I know you all understand. Thanks for letting me vent!

Oh, also one more thought: :idea1: Instead of kenneling Ponyo more, do you think I could tether her to my cocker with a leash? They both like eachother (Ponyo actually loves Mercedes, but Mercedes is older and has very acute manners) and I've heard this method is helpful, but I really don't want a potential dog fight. Have any of you used this method? If I want Ponyo to behave like Mercedes, they have to spend time around one another, and Ponyo is a more fiery personality than my easy going cocker. But I don't want Ponyo believing she can get away with some of the things she's been trying to get away with lately! (and I really don't want to frighten her, train her harshly or confuse her more, I would really rather let my older wiser dog help)

Thanks again everyone. Hope you all had a nice weekend. :toothy2: Sorry for the long post! :oops:
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