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The "Wild Thing" Halter

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Ok, I made this one last night... This is my favorite so far..... It totally matches Mia's carrier!! Not sure if you can tell from the pic, but the black material has a sheen to it - so it almost looks like leather... sort of ... lol

Here it is....
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Last one....

I put two crystal stones on the neck closure but you can't see them very well in the pic... :cry:
I WANT IT :D you know the size :wink: hehehe

kisses nat
awwww thats great i should really get my girls some
That is just precious!! Great job girl! To bad we dont live in the same town! We could go into Business together! :) :wink: I used to make Bridesmaid dresses and Prom gowns many years ago, so I know how much work goes into making things like that! Good Job! :D

xx-nathalie-xx said:
I WANT IT :D you know the size :wink: hehehe

kisses nat
Nat - soon as I saw this one, I thought of you!

I absolutely love it - love anything with leopard print. I'm actually getting ready to redo one of my spare bedrooms (which is also my computer room) in the animal print motif. I have a day bed in this room, and haven't been able to find a comforter I like, so I'm making one. Just have to make up my mind about what color to paint the walls. I've changed my mind three times already. LOL
I LOVE IT!! Gorgeous!

Paris will have to have one. Once she gets here (mid July I hope), I'll be ordering one for her....with the matching leash of course! :D
lol @ chimom

i'm addicted to leopard prints bed , my sofa , my pillows , clothing :D

kisses nat
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